Innovative SMPS circuit for extremely low power consumption and wide power stealth range

Innovative operation guarantee protection, which can adaptively maintain the normal operation of the system by actively detecting the output power from the power supply

Real-time output signal measurement and processing to obtain the actual instantaneous output power; collect all data and compare the effective stored energy and effective power obtained from the power supply to avoid system deviations such as overvoltage, overcurrent/short circuit, etc.

Harmful signal protection: DC protection, VHF protection, clipping protection

With high power, light weight and beautiful sound quality, it is widely used in various touring performances, bars, discos, high-end nightclubs, and is the first choice for first-class system designers and sound engineers.

Technical Parameter
TECHNICAL DATECK-1000CK-1300CK-1600CK-4100CK-4130CK-4160
8Ω Stereo power1100W×21300W×21600W×21100W×41300W×41600W×4
4Ω Stereo power1830W×22150W×22650W×21830W×42150W×42650W×4
2Ω Stereo power2700W×23200W×23950W×22700W×43200W×43950W×4
8Ω Bridge power2200W2600W3200W2200W×22600W×23200W×2
4Ω Bridge power3600W4300W5300W3600W×24300W×25300W×2
2Ω Bridge power5000W6000W7000W5000W×26000W×27000W×2
Frequency response20Hz-20KHz/±0.35dB
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise<0.5%@8Ω1KHz
Signal-to-noise ratio (weighted)>99dB
Channel isolation (1KHZ)>70dB
Slew rate>30v/us
Damping coefficient>5000(8Ω) 20Hz-100Hz
Voltage gain41.7dB42.5dB43.3dB41.7dB42.5dB43.3dB
Input sensitivity0.775V,1V, 1.4V, 4V
Input resistance10KΩ Balance/20KΩ UNbalance
Input connectionXLR Active balanced/ pin1 gnd/ pin2+/ pin3-
Output connection2Neutrik Nl4 Sockets/2 input posts
ProtectShort circuit,DC ,overheat,overlord,ultrasonic,RF,voltage peak limit
Operating voltage110V/220V available
Static power<95W<100W<107W<130W<145W<155W
Maximum power consumption<2000W<2500W<3000W<4000W<5000W<6000W
lineClass D
Body size (H×W×D)45×483×420
Package size (H×W×D)73×580×478
Net weight7.2Kg7.2Kg7.3Kg8.2Kg8.3Kg8.5Kg
Total package weight8.3Kg8.3Kg8.4Kg9.2Kg9.6Kg9.8Kg