Three-way Full-fqucySpeaker

Can Be Hung Horizontally And Vertically,   Can Be Assembled

Party Room/ Bar Preferred   

LA-155 is a three-way matrix column multi-functional professionalgrade speaker with medium and high range, high efficiency, wide  coverage angle and high-power sound pressure level. The middle and high pitches are equipped with a horn-loaded type,  with a 3-inch high-power high-frequency driver and an 8-inch largediameter mid-range unit transducer, combined with a special midfrequency horn phase plug to correct the mid-frequency phase to  make it have a higher transmission distance and sound pressure  level, and the spread angle Wide width, wide coverage. The midbass speaker is loaded with lightweight, high-power and highefficiency NdFeB and combined with a hidden phase-conductor  design, and the mid-bass unit can be flexibly controlled by an  external processor to give full play to the unique performance of  high-quality units. Through computer anti-true inverter tube and acoustic concept  design, after many field demonstrations and tests, the LA-155  speaker has fine and clear high frequency, transparent intermediate  frequency, thick and flexible medium and low frequency, and  accurate sound phase positioning.  The assembled combination of multiple LA-155 speakers makes it  have strong projection distance, coverage angle and sound  pressure level and other characteristics

Technical Parameter
Frequency response43Hz-20KHz
DriversLF: 1x15", MF:1x8"HF: 1x3"
RMS Power1000W
Nominal Impedance8 Ω 
Crossover300HZ  1.8KHz
Hanging ModeHorizontal/vertical hanging, M8 screw